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Boarding, Training, Lessons, Lay-ups, Broodmare Care and Foaling & Retirement Horses

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HorseStableOcala is the website for Spirit Praise Ranch located in beautiful sunny Ocala, Florida "Horse Capital of the World!" Spirit Praise Ranch is a small private facility with a big focus on excellence...dedicated to help you meet and exceed your current goals as a horse owner.


Spirit Praise Ranch has over forty years experience with horses and provides you and your horse the optimum in performance and competitive edge. We provide individual nutritional and athletic programs for both horses and riders. With dressage as the foundation of training for all horses at Spirit Praise Ranch, every equine in training is given a solid base to excel in any other specialized discipline. We also have individualized training programs for riders on and off their horse, including tai-chi, yoga and suspension core/strength training to improve riding and athletic performance.


Spirit Praise Ranch has school horses available for the beginner through advanced rider.

Retrain and problem horses also accepted. We believe in building a solid foundation using a logical, systematic, progressive approach.

Send your mare to experienced horsemen that will oversee the foaling and provide excellent foal and broodmare care. Give your mare a quiet place to foal out with 24 hour attentive and knowledgeable horsemen.

What you and your horse can expect at Spirit Praise Ranch:

  • Daily grooming and fly spraying with repellent provided by Spirit Praise Ranch. Full board horses and
    pasture boarded horses are rinsed off routinely in hot weather. We provide this service as all of our clients are not available to groom their own horses regularly; if you're at the ranch, you're welcome to groom or bathe your equine friend yourself

  • Horses fed twice daily on an individual basis, with quality Seminole Wellness Feed that is weighed for accuracy, plus beet pulp for
    additional fiber.

  • Regular worming schedule and the wormer is provided by Spirit Praise Ranch.

  • Lush green pastures with clean fresh water supplies and salt mineral blocks in every pasture, plus ample shade. A peaceful quiet atmosphere with no pasture
    boardering any road frontage for additional saftey for your equine friend.

  • Pastures are spot treated for fire ants and hand weeded to provide a chemical free enviroment for you and your horse.

  • Organic fly control with the use of Fly Eliminators for a nearly fly free horse utopia.

  • Air conditioned tack room, restroom facility, three wash stations, one with hot water, sixteen foot barn isle for ample work space. Both full board and pasture
    board have access to all farm amenities.

  • Olympic size dressage arena with excellent footing and twenty meter round pen plus, additional work areas outside arenas.

  • SPR is an owner/operated facility and horses are tended to 24/7. All horses and their owners are treated with the utmost care and respect.

  • Quality dressage training available for you and your horse.

  • Western Dressage lessons available on your own horse or one of our school horses.


Learn about Training and Handling Tips To Enhance Daily Performance

  • Specialized nutrition programs

  • Individual & Specialized training programs

  • Athletic Training Programs for strengthening & suppling targeted muscles used for riding

  • Individual & Group classes for Tai-chi, yoga, suspension core/strength training

  • Western dressage training available. Use basic dressage principles to improve your seat, aids and the balance and connection of your horse.


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Sharpen your competitive edge with the

Multifaceted Equestrian Training System

We have your best interest in mind and heart at Spirit Praise Ranch and can help you with

your favorite equine friend to achieve the ultimate in every area of your desires and goals.

Contact us today to set up the ultimate training program for your equine partner and discover just how great you are!


**********Horsey Quotes*********

"The test of a riders character is not revealed in the exceptional moments when he is at the height of success, but in the ordinary tasks he performs on a daily basis."

"Show me your horse, and I will tell you who you are."

"Only the rider who is fully convinced that he has not reached his full potential will press on in seeking understanding, being diligent to continue developing his charecter and his skill as a rider."



Spirit Praise Ranch
9239 NW 115 Ave
Ocala, Florida
Map of the business location
Conveniently located 10 minutes from I-75, just off SR 326
Spirit Praise Ranch has been in business for over twenty-five years, providing quality care and training for all their valued clients. The trainers at Spirit Praise Ranch come with multiple certifications and over forty years experience in helping develop both equine and human athletes.
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